The ASEA Company

ASEA is a growing direct-sales phenomenon born from the vision, passion, and Fortune-500 experience of company founder Verdis Norton. Nearly two decades ago, Norton, a distinguished business strategist who gained success working for and consulting with leading multinational companies, found himself on the board of a small biotech company. The company was exploring groundbreaking technology: the science of redox signaling molecules.

Although you may be unfamiliar with redox signaling molecules, they have been studied by scientists for decades. Multiple Nobel prizes have been awarded for discoveries related to them, and more than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been written on the subject. They are vital to human life.

The biotech company realized that supplementing the body’s native supply of redox signaling molecules would optimize health and wellness, and their goal was to recreate these molecules outside the human body and produce them in a consumable product. Unfortunately, the biotech company ran into financial difficulties and had to sell its redox signaling technology. Norton, recognizing the enormous significance and potential of this concept, approached his business partners with the technology, and ASEA was created.

ASEA gathered a team of engineers, medical professionals, and researchers. After in depth studies, trials, and lots of work, scientists at ASEA discovered a process that created active redox signaling molecules in a form that was safe for human consumption.

In 2010, ASEA officially launched its patented redox signaling product: ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, also called ASEA water. Because of the huge success of their product, they were able to build an international, multi-million dollar business. Four years later, after burgeoning success, ASEA launched a second product: RENU 28, a revitalizing skin gel for the whole body. Like ASEA REDOX supplement, RENU 28 contains active redox signaling molecules, but in a topical application. Since then, ASEA has also launched ASEA VIA, a complete line of vitamins and supplements.

Since its initial launch, ASEA has had global success and growth. They have expanded their business to 26 international markets. ASEA is led by a team of executives with an abundance of experience both in and outside the network marketing industry. ASEA’s executives are devoted to the company’s long-term sustainable growth while preserving the values and principles upon which the company was founded.

From its beginning, ASEA has based its company on a culture of ethics and integrity. It is an international company that embraces principle over profit and investment in people—a quality that attracts competent, outstanding associates.

Whether providing a business opportunity, a path to personal grow, or an avenue to optimal health, the people of ASEA work not only for their own success, but to enhance the lives of those around them.

ASEA Water

ASEA’s patented breakthrough product, ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, is the first and only supplement certified to contain shelf stable, consumable redox signaling molecules. To recognize the significance of this, you must first understand the importance of your body’s redox signaling molecules.

Redox signaling is the human body’s way of communicating on a cellular level. Every individual cell in the human body (and there are trillions) has a communication system inside it called redox cell signaling—think of it as an extensive telephone network. This system carries life-sustaining messages to your cells, and your cells respond to those messages, keeping you alive and helping your body to function at its optimal level. Redox signaling molecules are so essential to life that without them you would die within seconds.

Cell signaling is responsible for monitoring when something goes wrong in a cell and communicating with the genes to fix it. Unfortunately, factors like age, the air we breathe, toxins and diet interfere with your redox signaling molecules—imagine them getting a bit rusty—thus making it harder for those important signals to be communicated. Plus, as we age, the body’s ability to maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules diminishes, and if the communication in your cells is lagging, your health will feel the consequences.

ASEA water is totally unique. It is the only supplement in the world proven to contain redox signaling molecules—the molecules responsible for your cells communicating with each other. The redox molecules in ASEA’s water are created through a patented process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules. It is classified in the United States as a dietary supplement, but unlike other supplements, this product does not rely on herbs, berries, vitamins or minerals for its breakthrough health benefits.

Four ounces a day of ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement can affect health at the genic level. It can signal genes to protect and rejuvenate cells and keep them running at their optimal levels. Blood serum biomarkers have shown positive shifts over a 24-hour period, beginning within 30 minutes of consuming it.

ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement is certified by BioAgilytix Laboratories, an independent third-party lab, to have redox signaling molecules. ASEA has ten patents for their products. It produces its one-of-a-kind products in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified facility. The manufacturing processes are 100% owned and operated by ASEA, guaranteeing product quality time and time again. They do not use animal testing.