What Does ASEA Do?

Think of the body as a vast, intricate skyscraper made of trillions of bricks. Every single brick is important to the foundation and stability of the building, just like the building blocks of the human body are imperative to life. Instead of bricks, the body is built with trillions of microscopic cells. Mitochondria are inside every cell, and they are responsible for signaling when a cell needs help. The signal they emit is called a redox signaling molecule.

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Redox and Cells

When a cell is in distress, sick, or corrupt, the mitochondria release a redox signaling molecule, letting the genes know to fix or replace the unhealthy cell. Redox molecules are vital for life. Unfortunately, environmental toxins, aging, our food, and the air can turn genes off, disrupting the communication channel. When communication slows or fails, the body has a hard time staying strong and healthy.

The Company Called ASEA

In the early 2000s, a team consisting of scientists, medical professionals, researchers, and engineers discovered a way to create redox signaling molecules outside of the human body. After years of research and study, ASEA scientists were able to make human-consumable, active, and shelf-stable redox molecules. 

ASEA launched its groundbreaking product in 2010: ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, also called ASEA water. Their product was so well received that ASEA went global with it and built a successful worldwide business. ASEA scientists continued to explore the potential of redox signaling molecules and in 2014 launched a second product called RENU 28, which is a redox-rich skin gel for the whole body. 

ASEA has flourished over the past decade. They have seen worldwide success and growth. They are present in 26 international markets and continue to study the benefits of redox signaling and grow their product line based on their findings. ASEA reviews and researches their products and marketing strategies to ensure their company and clients have the best products available. 

ASEA Water

ASEA Redox Supplement, also called ASEA water, is considered in the USA to be a dietary supplement. Unlike most dietary supplements currently on the market, ASEA water does not use herbs, berries, minerals, or vitamins to provide health benefits. ASEA water is unique because it’s the only supplement on earth certified to contain active redox signaling molecules, the life-sustaining, communicating molecules used by cells. ASEA uses a revolutionary process to reorganize molecules of salt combined with purified water into redox molecules. 

BioAgilytix, a prestigious third-party laboratory, has tested and researched ASEA water and found that it does contain redox molecules. Four ounces daily of ASEA water supplements a cell’s normal number of redox molecules, increasing the body’s ability to communicate with the genes, which can improve health throughout the entire body. ASEA Redox can rejuvenate, protect, and help cells function at optimum levels. That means a happier, healthier you.

Renu 28

Because ASEA water was seeing so much success and positive feedback, ASEA launched its second product in 2014: ASEA Renu 28. This is a redox-infused, whole-body topical gel created specifically to target skin cells, improve elasticity and smoothness, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and aging. Renu 28 works on the outside, making skin visibly more healthy and vibrant. 

Studies done by third-party labs confirm that ASEA Renu can repair damaged and aging skin via redox technology.

ASEA Supplements and Vitamins

Following the success of their first two products, ASEA chose to turn their research to a new area: vitamins and minerals. ASEA created ASEA VIA, a line of whole-food based supplements with a nutritional foundation capable of delivering complete, true wellness. Each ASEA VIA supplement contains a proprietary blend of complex nutrients made specifically to maximize a person’s nutritional benefits and overall wellness. 

  1. ASEA VIA Source: micronutrient, whole-food supplement
  • Packed with nutrients that work symbiotically with ASEA’s other products
  • Supports general nutrition, whole-body health, and cellular wellness
  • Helps the body absorb and use all nutrients contained in BioVia
  1. ASEA VIA Biome: a full-spectrum probiotic
  • Aids mental well-being*
  • Supports immune system health*
  • Helps support healthy inflammation response*
  • Assists in the absorption of minerals and vitamins*
  • Supports healthy body mass and metabolism*
  1. ASEA VIA LifeMax: vitality and active lifestyle formula
  • Promotes longevity*
  • Supports an active, healthy lifestyle*
  • Fights outward evidence of aging*
  • Supports an active, healthy lifestyle*
  • Provides nutritional foundation vital for body functions*
  • Supports healthy cell division*

*These statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any diseases.

Effectiveness and Safety

With redox technology being somewhat new, ASEA’s number one priority in releasing their products was to ensure safety. Prior to its release, a study was performed to certify that ASEA water was completely safe for consumption. For three months participants in the study used ASEA Redox supplement without any harmful effects. 

ASEA reviews products and invests in third-party testing and research. Bioanalytical lab BioAgilytix verifies that redox signaling molecules exist in RENU 28 and ASEA Redox supplement.

ASEA has spent more than $5 million in the testing of their products and the science backing cellular health. The conclusion is that ASEA products are completely safe for human use and consumption and safe for all organs, bodily systems, and tissues. Plus, they never use animals for testing.

Though ASEA products are not approved by the FDA, they are regulated by the FDA. Following guidelines from the FDA is of utmost importance to ASEA, and they strive to stay current with all regulations and practices set forth by the FDA.

If you’d like to know more, visit ASEA’s website.

What Are Redox Signaling Molecules?

Redox signaling. Two small words for a microscopic process that happens inside the human body. But what, exactly, is redox signaling?

The human body is possibly the greatest biological supercomputer that will ever walk this earth. Like non-biological computers, it has multiple communication systems, such as the nervous system and the endocrine system. Even the tiniest components of the human body, its cells, need to communicate with each other, and that is where redox signaling molecules come into play.

Each human cell plays an incredibly important part. Cells make up blood, skin, bone, fluids and tissues—literally every single part of the body. And each contains something called mitochondria. These are microscopic workers with an important assignment; they create energy, help maintain the immune system, repair tissues, and spur the development of cells. 

Mitochondria also send messages that are vital to cellular health and human life. Without mitochondria, a person would not be able to live because cells would stop functioning. But just how do mitochondria communicate? They send out a tiny molecule called a redox signaling molecule. 

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The Role of Redox Signaling Molecules

There are a total of fourteen systems in the body. All these systems have the same building blocks: cells. Communication between cells and the genes is vital for each of the body’s systems to function properly, and redox signaling molecules create this communication. That means redox signaling molecules are necessary for maintaining life, wellness, and health. 

Redox signaling molecules send messages between cells to ensure the body is protected. If cell function is failing, redox molecules signal that the cell needs healing or replacing. If a virus enters the body, these molecules send out signals to produce the cells needed to fight the virus. If corrupt cells start multiplying, redox signaling molecules are released to signal that these cells need to be eliminated so healthy cells can take their place. 

As the body ages, it is harder for it to fight off and heal infections, viruses, injury and disease. That is because redox signaling loses some of its effectiveness—think of aging cells getting a bit rusted. It is harder for an aging cell to send out a redox molecule, and without strong communication, cells lose their ability to function at optimum levels. That means injured tissues don’t heal as quickly, viruses and diseases are harder for the body to defeat, and the skin shows spots and signs of aging. Good health requires all fourteen of the body’s systems to function properly and in sync with one another. For this to happen, cellular communication must be working.

Redox Molecules and ASEA

More than a decade ago, a small company in Utah launched its first product, ASEA REDOX Cellular Supplement, also referred to as ASEA water. This is a product that is certified by third-party sources to contain active redox molecules in a human-consumable, shelf-stable, safe drink. Just four ounces a day can supplement your body with redox molecules, adding to those that are already working to keep your body healthy.

This supplement:

  1. Is the first and only supplement available that contains redox signaling molecules
  2. Enhances immune function
  3. Supports the function of highly active cellular communication
  4. Helps protect against damage caused by free radicals
  5. Is native to the body
  6. Provides incredible support for athletes and their recovery time
  7. Has zero toxicity and has been proven completely safe
  8. Is tested by third parties—ASEA reviews all their products thoroughly

Redox and Skin

With the incredible reception and demand for its first product, ASEA decided to explore the potential benefits of redox used in other ways. They continued to study redox molecules and in 2014 launched another product, a redox-infused gel created specifically for the skin, called RENU 28. It works by targeting skin cells and providing them with additional redox molecules. It has been proven to even skin’s texture, improve skin’s health, and increase moisture and smoothness. 

ASEA has created an entire skincare line to complement the RENU 28 gel. They have also put time and scientific research into creating a vitamin and supplement line called ASEA Via. 

Science and Redox

ASEA might only be a little more than a decade old, but redox signaling molecules are not a new discovery. Scientists have known about these microscopic messengers for the better part of a century. Unfortunately, a century ago, the ability to study cells and redox was limited. But as technology improves, redox signaling and biological health are some of the most promising fields of study. 

In fact, scientists have been awarded Nobel prizes for their research into redox molecules.  There are tens of thousands of research papers about redox molecules and their key relationship with each of the fourteen systems in the body. Redox signaling and its importance to health is so valuable that a research journal has been dedicated to and focused on these scientific findings. 

But why are scientists so focused on redox? For two reasons. One, they have realized the connection between redox and life. Two, for the first time in history redox signaling molecules are being replicated outside the human body.

ASEA has discovered the only way to recreate these life-sustaining molecules in an active and stable form, and then put them into a safe, human consumable drink. ASEA uses a patented process to create this supplement by reorganizing natural salt molecules and putting them in purified water. ASEA reviews all their research and products to ensure safety, quality, and efficacy. 

Chlorine, a safe and natural byproduct of the molecule reorganizing process, can be tasted by some consumers. To ensure the safety and value of their product, ASEA hired BioAgilytix, a well-known independent lab, to certify that their products contain active redox molecules while being completely safe for human consumption.   

The discovery of how to produce redox molecules outside the human body is so important because toxins, environmental stress and even age are unavoidable things in our lives that slow cellular function and decrease the body’s ability to produce and release redox molecules.

Incorporating ASEA Redox into your daily routine gives your body the redox molecules it needs to maintain optimum health. No matter your age or health concerns, ASEA Redox can get your cells communicating at their best and improve the function of all fourteen systems in the body. So start taking it today to give your cells the boost they need.