ASEA Reviews Are Proof of Whole Foods Supplement Effectiveness

To maintain optimum health, we would all love to dine on a balanced diet of superfoods like kale and berries and bionutrient-rich vitamins and minerals, but very few of us have the pocketbook to support that kind of grocery budget. Dietary supplements are a great aid in our quest for good nutrition, but all supplements are definitely not the same.

The ASEA Difference

Many of the bottles you see on that wall of vitamins and minerals in the drugstore are synthetic. Yes, it helps keep the cost down, but the artificial nature of those supplements make them less effective because the body cannot absorb what it needs. ASEA reviews indicate that the whole food properties of ASEA VIA Source provide the much-needed and desired elements for good health.


To manufacture VIA Source Whole Food & Micronutrient Complex, ASEA uses only organic fruits and vegetables that are grown in nutrient-rich soil. ASEA reviews have found that many people have trouble getting their recommended daily servings of these important foods, but for just $55 per month, you will get a daily dose of:

  • 1 cup of sea vegetables
  • 2 cups of leafy greens
  • 2 cups of organic fresh fruits
  • ½ cup of healthy oils
  • More than 20 food-based vitamins and minerals

The Cost of Healthy Eating

If you tried to keep these foods in your fridge and pantry, in order to get the recommended nutrition, you would need to spend over $500 each month on these foods alone, and another $180 on supplements to match the 20+ vitamins and minerals in ASEA VIA Source.

The ASEA reviews speak for themselves. Many people are enjoying improved life activities thanks to the inflammation- and pain-reducing properties of ASEA water and supplements, as well as improved digestive, cardiovascular, sleep, and overall health.